2018 Membership Drive is On!

This year, as in past years, we are holding our annual Membership Drive and Raffle from Jan 1 to Feb 28th.  Our Membership Coordinator, Dee Moore, has mailed membership forms to all members including some past membesr. I am in hopes that you will support us again with your $30 contribution.

In May we will be hosted agin by the MFCA at their spring show. We will be hosting a tour and a workshop by Bill Ottinger. As Part of our fundraising we will also be holding our bi-annual auction for some superbly painted pieces.This year will also see the awarding of 10 year membership pins for all those eligible. We’ve changed the criteria a bit and you will no longer need to have consecutive years but total years as a member.

We done some great stuff these past years. Not only with artifact preservation but also battlefield preservation. With our contributions over the years we’ve attained the highest levels possible as contributors with both the Civil War Trust and Campaign 1776. I am looking into some possible projects for 2018 and will report on those as they develop. I hope that you will continue to support us with your renewal. If you are not a current member I’m inviting you to get on board and help us to keep our history alive. For the membership form and option to pay via PayPal  go to the Membership tab on our site.

Be well and thank you.

Mike Stelzel



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