Partial List of APG Figures For Sale in Atlanta

Here’s a partial list of the painted pieces we will be bring to the show. More will be posted in a day or two.

Wolves of Fenris Adrian Bay 70mm original
Young Napoleon Mike Blank Bust
Vlad Tepes Don Weeks 65mm stock
Up Hill Battle Kevin Golden 54mm original
Russian Grenadier Cassaza 54 mm original
Marie Louise Mike Stelzel 120mm stock
41st NY Ambulance Corps Joe Hudson 100mm Conversion
Confederate Infantry Joe Hudson 100mm stock
RFC Pilot 1917 Dave Maddox 54mm stock
Norman 1066 Doug Cohen 54mm original

Waloes of Fennis (Adrian Bay)APG Napoleon27


Russian Grenadier Cassazza

Marie Louise



Cpl CSA 100mm stock Joe Hudson.jpg

APG RFC Pilot.jpg



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