APG Donates to the Future of the Clarke House at Princeton.


We recently received a letter notify us of some future plans for the development of the Clarke House at Princeton. I must admit I feel a certain kinship to the Princeton Battlefield as do many of our members.  Something about the 1777 conflict and the most recent herculean efforts to save the IAS property draws me to it. And of course, it’s a beautiful, very important historical site. With that in mind I approached the board asking for their approval to donate to the Princeton Battlefield Society for the Clarke House. We’ve donated to the American Battlefield Trust (formerly the CWT/Campaign 1777) in the past for the purchase of the IAS property and to the PBS for the maintenance of the Clarke House. The board unanimously voted in favor of a $1000 donation. I’ve attached the thank you letter I just received as well as a link to an article I just stumbled across.

Good luck to the PBS in their efforts on developing their plan.



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