APG Donates to Seminary Ridge Gettysburg.

With the 1st of December rapidly approaching, and the end of our drive to help fund the purchase of property on Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg,  I am happy to announce that we’ve reached our goal of $10,000, early. I am also very happy to announce that I have just made the contribution to the American Battlefield Trust in that amount. Additionally because we made the contribution early during the Giving Tuesday period, our donation was matched 1 for 1. That means we effectively donated $20,000 to preserve this property.

Map of Semianry Ridge



Seminary Ridge Stevens Battery 2

Above – Position of the 5th Maine (Stevens Battery) on the first day on Seminary Ridge

And the good news keeps coming. With this donation, we are now over the $100,000 mark in contributions to the ABT for battlefield preservation. (this doesn’t include any matching funds generated by our donations) This is in addition to approximately another $20,000 we given to other organizations for the same purpose.

None of this could have been done without the generosity of our members and friends. Donations, purchase of raffle tickets, miniature sales, and personal fund raising efforts all contributed to our success. And of course thanks to all of the donors of artwork that was raffled, or sold, as well.

Well done APG. Thank you.

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