APG Membership Drive is On!

The “Monmouth Flag” One of two projects at the museum funded by the APG.

2018 Tour 6

2018 Tour of the Museum of the American Revolution (above)

As in past years we are conducting our annual Membership Drive. As in the past we will also conduct a raffle for all those that renew or join from now until the drives end on 28 Feb 2019. Each person renewing or joining between now and then will receive a chance at one of these prizes. To renew or join go https://artistpreservationgroup.com/membership/

Semper Fidelis                        “Brothers in Arms” 75mm                  Anonymous
Mitches Models                       Russell Crowe Gladiator Bust            Mitches
Jon Smith                                  Stormtrooper Bust                               Jon Smith
Fer                                             George Washington                              FeR

FeR                                            Col Joshua Chamberlain                      FeR
FeR                                            5th Kentucky Standard Bearer           El Greco
Alexandros                             General Keliber                                       El Greco
Young Miniatures                German Waffen SS Officer, 1944         El Greco

Michael Roberts Ltd              10th Massachusetts  1778                    Mike Stelzel

$100 gift certificate to Last Cavalry                                           Atlanta Military Figure Society

  S&K Miniatures                   USMC M79 Grenadier (bus)               S&K Miniatures

More to follow…

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