It’s been few days since my return from the show in Atlanta last week. I’m finally getting my head wrapped around all that happened.

First, I was able to attend the Fernando Ruiz painting class held Wed-Fri. It was time well spent. Not only is he a very talented artist but quite a character as well. His presentation was excellent and I learned a lot about the “Spanish School” of acrylic painting. I just hope I can remember it all. “Train you brain, then your eyes, and then your hand.” Simple but great advice.

The show itself was well attended and I got to visit with many old friends. The exhibits were great and although there weren’t as many vendors as usual, those there, had some excellent products. I wish I had gotten more and better photos.

The APG did well. We sold quite a few painted figures as well as some kits and memberships.  A couple of magazine collections, books, and art, recently donated, fell into  good hands. We also made some good contacts and new friends. The board meeting was very productive. We confirmed our participation at next years show. As we’ve done at MFCA in the past, the Atlanta Club will host our live auction. We will schedule some tours and other special events. More to follow on that. The biggest decision we made was to pursue another stand alone show in 2021. If the venue is available, we will hold the show again in Gettysburg, sometime during the summer. More on that as it develops.

Finally one of our board members has chosen not to stand for reelection. That means we have an opening and are soliciting for a replacement. For more information on what is required and what you need to apply, please contact me at

Thanks to all for your support especially those that manned the table. We couldn’t do it without you.


Retreat from Moscow Best of Show by Jim Rice

Crusader Bust. Painter unknown.


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