2020 Atlanta Auction

I’m starting to collect the figures that have been donated to our 2020 Atlanta Auction. The auction will be held at 1200 on Feb at the Atlanta Show Show venue. If you can’t make it in person phone bids are welcome or contact me at USMCMKS@aol.com to arrange a proxy to bid. Please contact me with any questions with any questions.

Our first submission is from Matt Wellhouser. It’s a 120mm sculpt of a US Marine titled “The Old Breed 1945”. The kit is produced by Andrea and inspired by a photograph from WW2.

Our second donation is from artist Jim Rice. The piece is a 54mm original and represents a soldier from the American Revolution.

The next piece up for auction will be an original piece created by Gary Dombrowski and painted by Jason Whitman. This 54mm piece represents a soldier from the 88th New York (Irish Brigade) 1862.

4th in the line up is a conversion by Doug Cohen. The 75mm figure represents a Confederate Standard Bearer.

Number 5 is a vignette by Brett Avants of 2 Jeagers from the American Revolution. Both pieces are heavily converted by Brett.

I love this whimsical original piece by Wendy Rafalski. It’s titled “Sopwith Cowmel.”

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