More Auction Items Added

I’ve added two more items to the list of items that will be auction at the AMFS Show in Feb 2020.

The first is a 54mm stock French Drummer, Infantry of the Line, Spain, 1810. 54mm by Eusebio Danelloy. This piece was painted in 2011 and comes to us from The Dr David Yahnke collection.

Our next addition is this original 8.5 x 11.5 painting by Keith Rocco. From Keith.“The painting depicts a French trumpeter of the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Young Guard as he would have appeared during the 100 Days of 1815. Due to chronic shortages caused by rebuilding the army in such a short period, the Young Guard Chasseurs were given the Old Guard Chasseurs’ pelisses or fur lined-lined jackets to wear since they had few if any dolmans or summer weight jackets of their own.”


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