APG Makes Year End Donation.

The APG just made a $10,000 donation to the American Battlefield Trust. (formerly the Civil War Trust) No specific project was identified allowing the ABT to use the money where it was needed most. The donation brought our total to the ABT specifically, for the calendar year, to just over $21,000. (The previous $11,000+ donation was made for the Hanging Rock SC Battlefield last January).

Attached is a map highlighting the success that has been achieved by the ABT, over the years, in battlefield preservation. The map is of the Malvern Hill Battlefield, just outside Richmond, VA, the final battle in the Seven Days Battles. Malvern Hill is one of the best preserved sites I’ve been to. Years ago before the ABT got involved much of it was scheduled to be developed. Through their efforts, including a small donation from the APG, the site is almost completely preserved. It is hallowed ground and a beautiful site. It will remain that way thanks to our efforts. See the difference by comparing the maps.

This is just a small example of what is being done around the country.

Thanks to our members and supporters for your support. We are making a difference.

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