Zaloga Armor Collection

Last week, I traveled along with good friend and long-time IPMS and AMPS member Bob Walls, to Maryland, to pick up a collection of 26 built kits from Steven Zaloga.  Steven, as most of you may already know is an American historian, defense consultant, and a well-known author on military technology. He is also an avid modeler. His research and knowledge is evident in his detailed work including many conversions and scratch builds.  His modeling articles have appeared in books, how to’s, and reviews for related magazines and web sites. Many of his friends refer to him as “the Jedi” of armor modeling. Any of these pieces would be a great collectors item. He is no doubt one of the premier modelers of out time

Steven has agreed to donate a part of his work to the APG for auction and sale to support our fund-raising efforts for historical preservation. Each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind conversion of a historical fighting vehicle. Below is a list of the pieces donated.

The APG will hold an auction for these builds starting at 0900 EST on Jan 4, 2020. The auction will last for one week culminating at 0900 EST on Jan 11, 2020. (Time will be determined by my the clock on my cell phone.)

Rules for the auction.

Bidding for each piece will start at $250.

Email bids only. No phone bids will be accepted. Email address to send bids is

I will as soon as possible respond that I have received your bid and whether or not

you are the highest bidder. If at some point you are outbid, I will notify you again as soon as possible and you can place another bid.

I will notify winners immediately after the bidding ends. If you are a winner payment should be made within 7 days of the end of the bidding. Paypal or checks will be accepted.

Due to the fragility of these pieces, delivery must be by hand. Arrangement can be made to pick up at a show or, if close to Roanoke, VA, a meeting can be arranged.

Any questions can be submitted to me at .

To view photos of these pieces go to Many can also be found by Googling the name (ie Zaloga Polish Firefly)

British 40mm Bofors/Morris CO9/B
British 25lb SP “Bishop”
Destroyed T34/85
Russian M3A1 563 Separate Tank BN 1943
US M5A1 Co D 37th Tank Bn 4th Armd Div
US M24 Chaffee
US 105mm Howitzer
US M6 Experimental Heavy Tank
US M4A3E8 with applique Armor
British BEF Matilda
USM48A3 1/77 Armor 1969
PzKpfw I Spanish Civil War
Canadian Staghound XII Manitoba Dragoons
US T-26e3 Germany 1945
US M-4 High Speed Tractor
Russian T-34
US M4 Sherman
Italian Semovente 90/35