Mission Statement

The Artist Preservation Group is a gathering of like-minded historical artists whose mission is to generate capital, through fundraising and donations, to aide in the preservation and restoration of threatened historical sites and/or artifacts. We are committed to using our artistic talents to actively support historical sites as they continue their dedication to the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of events that shaped history.

Our Beginning

In 2005 Sergeant Major Mike Stelzel USMC (ret) invited a group of miniature artists including painters, sculptors, and collectors to pool their resources to raise money for the preservation of the Revolutionary War Battlefield at Camden, South Carolina,thus, the APG was born. Since then, the APG has grown to include painters, sculptors, miniature dealers, collectors, and manufacturers. Each donates their work, time, talents, and resources to raise money to fund conservation, preservation and restoration projects.

Thousands of artifacts and hundreds of acres of historic sites are disappearing or deteriorating each year due to lack of funding for preservation and conservation. This land and the artifacts, witnesses to history and testaments to our nations past will disappear forever without the money to keep them intact and provide proper care. We are taking positive steps to ensure that as many of these artifacts and acres of land remain for our future and the education of our next generations.

How the APG Raises Funds

We raise money several ways but primarily through the sale of donated art. Dozens of our country’s most notable miniature artists donate their work for sale at an annual auction. We have also received donations from several European artists for sale. Artists also donate work for sale through our online store as kits or raffle prizes. We have also been fortunate to have historical painter Keith Rocco donate his work in the form of an original painting and images for prints. We accept donations for memberships, corporate sponsorships, and private donations. All money minus some small administrative fees goes towards our projects. No one is paid or compensated.

We are a 501 (c) 3 organization.