And the winners are….

Here is a list of the winners in our Annual Membership Drive Raffle.  Congratulations to all!

Item                                                                             Donor                           Winner

Capt 2nd Bn RWF 1915 Tommy’s War 54mm      The Last Cavalry      Matt Springer
Rating Royal Naval Div Antwerp 1914 54mm      The Last Cavalry      Marc Yablon
Moche Warrior Pegaso (bust)      The Last Cavalry       Frank Gomillion
Brothers in Arms ACW 75mm Semper Fidelis Miniatures    The Red Lancers  Dave Schultz
Quantrill’s Raider ACW 54mm APG      APG Store      Dennis Sosna
$50 gift certificate Birchtree Ent      John Jefferies      John Bailey
$50 gift certificate to The Last Cavalry      Dee Moore      Charles Wilkins
US Airborne MG 120mm Mitches Models      Mark Sprayberry.      Anthony Knific
FeR 75mm VA Militia Guilford Courthouse 1781   Sentinel Miniatures     Mark Sprayberry
General Bonaparte 1796 75mm Alexandros Models     Sentinel Miniatures      BartMuller
Hessien-Darmstadt Grenadier 1768 1/10 scale bust     Michaels Miniatures  Dave Hoffman
Trenchworx 1/48 scale Sdkfz 251 Ausf C      Chris Merceal      Dave Vickers
War Horse North Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry 90mm      The Last Cavalry    Pete Garrison
Light Infantryman 62nd Foot 1781 120mm      Mike Stelzel      John Fitz
Luftwaffe Ace Werner Molders 1/16      Alpine Miniatures      Mike Hall
WW22 British SAS Commando 1/16      Alpine Miniatures       Chris Fontenot
1st Virginia Continental Lone (bust)     Mike Stelzel                  Noel Walker
Krupp Protze and Variants (book)        Sabot Publications       Tim Norman
Einheitsdiesel and Variants (book)       Sabot Productions       Ken Boyle
M1ABV (book)                                           Sabot Productions        Nick Majerus
Stryker MGS M1128 (book)                    Sabot Productions         David Bainbridge
M1A1 MBT Vol 1 Iraq (book)                 Sabot Productions         David Stokes
M1A2 MBT Vol 2 (book)                          Sabot Productions         Mike Saggs
M1A2 SEP MBT (book)                            Sabot Productions         Robert Weiner

USMC M79 Gunner (bust)                          SK Miniatures             Richard Rock

Marechal Bessieres (bust)                      Alexandro Models        Bob Sarnowski

Thanks to all the donors and all those that renewed our joined.

I will email each of you but to speed things up you can contact me to arrange delivery.


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