In Memoriam – Chuck Robinson 1944-2018

Chuck Robinson shows off a military miniature that is sold from his store, The Red Lancers. Photo by Kevin Mertz/Standard Journal.


 The miniature community has lost one of its titans.  Charles “Chuck” Robinson was a fixture not only in the mail-order sales of figures and accessories, but also was an avid collector and an in-person vendor at virtually every US show for more than three decades.  He was a pioneer in online sales who by some accounts used his own computer as a paperweight, a jovial man who hid behind a gruff exterior.  Chuck always went the extra mile for his customers, all of whom he considered his friends.  He was loved and respected by all who knew him.
Chuck also was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the APG, donating kits and services to assist APG’s fundraising and programs.  In the words of one online commenter “he now belongs to the ages,” and we were enriched by our time with him.
Like two of the founding fathers — John Adams and Thomas Jefferson — Chuck passed from this life on July 4, Independence Day.  We find that fitting.  Our condolences go out to his family and also to his friends, among whom APG is fortunate to have been counted.

4 thoughts on “In Memoriam – Chuck Robinson 1944-2018

  1. A true good friend, great fellow businessman, and an inspiration in the modeling community. He unselfishly helped me in the beginning of MR Ltd. I will miss you buddy.

  2. I have bought military miniatures from Chuck Robinson for over thirty years…a great friend and military miniature enthusiast through the Red Lancers…and de Charles…thank you very much for everything…George Adams a friend.

  3. Chuck was a true gentleman, a dear friend, and also have a wonderful sense of humor. He made the Chicago Show even more special every time I went. He will be greatly missed, God bless.

  4. Always ready for a good chat, always in a good mood at shows , always there for anyone who deserved it …….always a good guy . So sorry to hear about chucks passing!

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