Chicago Show Announcement! Bill Ottinger’s “Working with Historex Horses” Workshop, Oct. 19, 2018

Bill Ottinger’s “Working with Historex Horses” Workshop, Oct. 19, 2018

1. MMSI will provide a Historex mounted kit to each attendee. The club also will furnish lighting, glues (epoxy, superglue, plastic cement), palette paper, toothpicks, and sandpaper, and emery sticks.

2. Each attendee needs to bring an X-acto knife with at least three #11 blades, epoxy putty, files (square, round and flat), optivisor or reading glasses if you need them, and small brushes for smoothing putty. (Brush sizes #1 and #00 are ideal; don’t bring your good ones!) Vendors at the show will be able to sell you these materials, if needed.

3. Each attendee will receive a detailed pamphlet of instruction tips Bill prepared for the workshop to help with future projects.

4. One attendee will receive an autographed copy of Bill’s Masterclass book, now out of print and a collector’s item. There will be a drawing for this during the workshop. 5. The workshop will kick off at noon on Friday, and will run until 4 or 5 p.m. with a break for a snack. You’ll have ample time to get to the show and set up your display once the show opens.

The cost of the workshop is $50. Please make your check payable to the MMSI, and send it to: Joe Berton, 235 S. Elmwood Avenue Oak Park, Illinois 60302. Contact Joe for more information at

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