APG Receives Collection of Painted Miniatures

Trumpeter, Lancers de Berg. 54mm original figure by Mike Blank. 2010.

Last week Bob Stein, Dave Peschke, and I traveled to MO to pick up a large donation of painted miniatures and a few books donated by the family of Dr Dave Yahnke. Dave passed away almost a year ago and it was his and his families

wish that his collection go to the APG. We were of course sad at Dave’s passing but at the same time honored to receive his gift. Joe Berton also traveled to MO to pick up some militaria and books. (I’ll leave that up to Joe to make public that list.)

The collection contains some of the finest painted miniatures I’ve ever had the pleasure to view. Figures by Cabos, Blank, Horan, Cartacci, Cohen, MacKenzie, Venturi, Ottinger, Mallia, Knee, and St Petersburg, just to name a few.

I am currently developing a list of pieces and books available for sale. I am also creating a Photobucket account where we can display all the pieces. This should be accomplished by the beginning of next week. (Aug 27th).

A very sincere thank you to the Yahnke family for this gift. And of course to Dave for his friendship and dedication to the APG.



2 thoughts on “APG Receives Collection of Painted Miniatures

  1. What a superb group of miniature artists. I ever knew the gentleman, but I would have a collection like that if I could.

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