February Auction List Finalized

The list of auction items is complete for the auction at the Atlanta Show Feb 22, 2020. The list includes

Lt Crowe, VC 54mm Original by Adrian Bey.

54mm stock French Drummer, Infantry of the Line, Spain, 1810. 54mm by Eusebio Danelloy. This piece was painted in 2011 and comes to us from The Dr David Yahnke collection.

An original 8.5 x 11.5 painting by Keith Rocco. From Keith.“The painting depicts a French trumpeter of the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Young Guard as he would have appeared during the 100 Days of 1815. Due to chronic shortages caused by rebuilding the army in such a short period, the Young Guard Chasseurs were given the Old Guard Chasseurs’ pelisses or fur lined-lined jackets to wear since they had few if any dolmans or summer weight jackets of their own.”

90mm stock piece of a cavalryman from the 3rd New Jersey better know as the “Butterflies” The piece has garnered many awards for Rod including a Gold Medal at the 2019 Sevres Show in Paris, France. This would make a great addition to any collection.

A 120mm sculpt of a US Marine titled “The Old Breed 1945”. The kit is produced by Andrea and inspired by a photograph from WW2. Painted by Matt Wellhouser.

This piece is a 54mm original and represents a soldier from the American Revolution. Created by Jim Rice.

An original piece created by Gary Dombrowski and painted by Jason Whitman. This 54mm piece represents a soldier from the 88th New York (Irish Brigade) 1862.

A conversion by Doug Cohen. The 75mm figure represents a Confederate Standard Bearer.

A vignette by Brett Avants of 2 Jeagers from the American Revolution. Both pieces are heavily converted and painted by Brett.

This whimsical original piece by Wendy Rafalski. It’s titled “Sopwith Cowmel.”

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