APG Welcome 2 New Officers

Several weeks ago we were notified by our Treasurer John “Jack” Muldoon that he would be stepping down from his post. About the same time our Membership Director Dee Moore also announced her retirement from the billet. We of course were saddened to hear of their departures but fully understand. Both Jack and Dee have served the APG not only as loyal members but also as dedicated volunteers and instrumental players in the APG since the beginning. For both of them family commitments are requiring they focus all of their free time to those efforts. W.e wish them Godspeed and Blessings in the future.

As sad as this is, we have some good news. Almost immediately, 2 excellent candidates stepped forward to fill the vacant positions. Mark Sprayberry, our newest board member, has offered to take over Dees job. Mark has become very active in the APG and I know will do a great jog as the Membership Director. Long standing member Tom Holtz has also offered his services as our new Treasurer. Tom too has been an active member and friend, for many, many years and I know will be a great treasurer and trusted agent. Thanks to both for stepping up.

I hope that if and when you get a chance you’ll welcome both of these gents aboard.

Thanks all of you for your support.


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