APG and Scale 75 Continued Partnership

For a little over a year the APG and Scale 75 USA have partnered on the production of a kit to be sold exclusively through the APG. This past year it was the 75mm French Infantryman from the American Revolution.

We are proud to announce we will be continuing our partnership to produce another kit by Scale 75 to be sold exclusively through the APG. Last weekend at the Atlanta Show Brian Howard of Scale 75 USA offered to extend that partnership for the next 3 years. In addition he has offered to sponsor a  painting workshop once a year for us. What that means is Scale 75 will produce a 75mm figure each year for the next three years at no cost to the APG. All proceeds from the sale of these pieces will go directly to historical preservation. This year’s figure to be released prior to the May MFCA Show is a Light Infantry Officer of the 19th Foot inspired by the Bill Horan piece. 

The figure produced each year will be the subject of the painting workshop. The workshop will be held at a historical location to be announced each year. (This year will be the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, PA) https://wordpress.com/page/artistpreservationgroup.com/6426
The APG will also plan an event and/or tours at the historical location.
And finally, Scale 75 will offer a 10% discount to all APG Members that will be available on their website. (Starting date of the discount TBD)W

We are all very excited about the partnership and very generous offer from Brian and Scale 75. Sales from last years kit made a huge impact in our efforts to support preservation. Thanks again Brian. I am looking forward to doing more great things together.https://scale75usa.com/

Our next release. An Officer of Light Infantry, 10th Foot.

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