Instructions for MoAR Exhibit

Just got this from Tom.


Schedule:     Saturday June 18 and Sunday 19, 2022     10 AM to 5 PM

Address:       Museum of the American Revolution

                       101 S 3rd Street

                       Philadelphia PA 19106

Parking Garage:     Autopark at Old City

                                 125 S 2nd Street

Hotel:             Philadelphia Marriott Old City

                        One Dock Street, Philadelphia PA 19106

                        For reservations go to the Artist Preservation Web Site.

Both the Parking Garage and Autopark are within walking distance of the Museum.

Set Up:     We must be set up prior to the museum opening at 10 AM on Saturday and remain set up

                  Until closing on Sunday at 5 PM.

                  Our exhibit will be in the Event Space on the third floor accessible by elevator.

                  We can set up Friday June 17 between the hours of 1 PM to 5 PM and Saturday June 18

                  Between the hours of 9 AM and 10 AM.

                  Exhibitors and vendors must use the security entrance on Chestnut Street just to the left of

                  George Washington relief sculpture on the building. Ring the buzzer and Security will let you


                  Security would like a list of exhibitors and vendors individuals and an expected time of arrival.

                  Please respond to me with this information.

                  Carts and a freight elevator are on site at the loading dock next to the security entrance.

Painting Class:     A two-day painting class conducted by Julio Cabos and hosted by Scale 75 will be

                               Offered on Thursday June 16 and Friday June 17 in the Board Room on the third floor

                               Of the Museum. Go to the Scale75 USA web site for details.

Details:     The exhibit is limited to figures and dioramas pertaining to American history up to 1795.

                   Exhibitors will have free entry to the Museum and it’s exhibits. Don’t fail to take advantage.

                   We ask that you often be at your exhibit to interact with Museum visitors.

                   Security will be in the room. This is Father’s Day weekend. We expect perhaps 1,500 visitors

                   Over the two days. Most will be new to our hobby and art.

                   Exhibitors are responsible for the set up and take down of their pieces and the Museum and

                   The APG are not responsible for damage or loss. Someone from the APG will be in the room

                   At all times. I will be present for set up on Friday and Saturday to assist as needed.

                   Looking forward to seeing you there.

                   Tom Holtz

                   Cell:     (864) 915-0288


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