Thank You All!

Much has been posted the past few days about the exhibit at the Museum of the American Revolution. I’d like to add my 2 cents worth.

A big shout out to all those that participated. First, to Tom Holtz for stepping in for me a few months ago as the Chair of the Exhibit and seeing this thing through. Well done Tom. Also, these people below, that made the trek to Philadelphia, and brought their work or collections. These folks stayed to engage the public and presented a very positive image of our hobby. They are;

Tom Holtz, Model Cellar (dealer), Jon Harbuck, Glenn Merritt,

Mike Pierce, Donald Johnson, Gregory DiFranco, Dennis Levy

David Hoffman, Rick Girardin, Gerard Joria, Kurt Hollar

Joe Morris, Peter Culos, Paul Hemmer, Dave Bainbridge, John Espey

Matt Springer, Scott Miller, Jim Rickey, and Julio Cabos.

(I pray I didn’t miss anyone.)

Additionally, the exhibit included pieces from collections, that featured artists from around the world. I can’t name them all but it was truly a who’s who of the hobby. Very, very, impressive. We got to see pieces that were not available previously.

And, to Scale 75 for conducting what was a great class by Julio Cabos, assisted by Brian Howard and Roberto Sanchez, co owners of Scale 75. That alone was worth the 7 hour drive for me. I learned a lot.

Finally, to Dr. R. Scott Stephenson, President and Chief Executive Officer at The Museum of the American Revolution (MoAR) and his staff for their welcoming and very professional demeanor. They made this easy and fun. No request went unanswered. (And I think Scott may have had the most fun of all 🙂 )

The outcome of all this was our positive exposure to the public, the opportunity to participate at this premier museum, outstanding camaraderie, view new or previously unseen work, and the personal inspiration folks said they got from this. It also started the planning for 2 possible future creations by Scale 75. And I had a hoot!

Again, thanks all. Well done The APG has done it again.

Kurt Hollar.

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