Artist Preservation Group 2022 Auction

I’d like to announce the Artist Preservation Group 2022 Auction. The auction will be held at the MMSI Show at the Schaumburg Marriott on Sat Oct 22. The auction will be held in the Schaumburg room from 12:30 to 1:30. Again this year we have some great pieces up for bidding.

You need not be present to bid. The APG will accept maximum bids prior to the show and will provide proxy bidders if requested. Bidding by phone can also be arranged. Buyers are responsible for arranging delivery of their winnings. For more info contact me at

Our first offering is this Officer 10th Foot, Light Infantry Company 1779. 75mm scale produced by Scale 75/APG. Painted in magnificent detail by Julio Cabos.

Next is this impressive bust of a soldier of the 60th Regt of Foot from the French and Indian War. It was painted by Rick Taylor.

This French 75mm Infantryman of the Regimental Le Martinique at the Siege of Savannah in 1779. The kit is from Scale 75/APG and beautifully painted by Matt Springer.

Another bust of a soldier from the 60th Foot during the French and Indian War, This one is wearing his regimental coat. Expertly painted by Matt Wellhouser.

This handsome gent is by Jason Whitman, Its an original 54mm sculpt of a drummer from the 63rd Regt of Foot 1780

Another great piece by Matt Springer. This is a 90mm original sculpt of the famous Indian Chief Joseph Brandt during the American Revolution.

You can almost feel cold the suffering of these soldiers in this 75mm vignette titled Valley Forge, by Kevin Townsend.

Something a bit different from us. This magnificent original “Space Marine” was done by Adrian Bay.

Lee’s Legion. Continental Light Dragoon in the Southern Campaign. 75mm stock. Superbly painted by Rod Curtis.

This outstanding 120mm conversion by Brad Pruden represents a soldier from Warner’s Regiment around 1777. Many of these men came from the “Green Mountain Boys” under Ethan Allen.

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