A Letter From The New Chairman of the Board.

I just received this and am publishing at Kurt’s request with an addendum.



On February 26, 2022, the Board of the Artist Preservation Group held its annual formal meeting.  During the meeting, incumbent Board Chairman, Jon Harbuck, announced that he was retiring from the Board due to other responsibilities.  Jon had served on the APG Board for many years and had rendered faithful service and steady leadership.  The Board then elected a new slate of Officers:

Chairman – Kurt Hollar

Treasurer – Tom Holtz

Secretary – Matt Springer

Three members of the APG Board, Mike Stelzel, Pete Culos, and Tom Holtz were at the end of their current three year terms.  Each agreed to serve an additional three year term, and were re-elected unanimously by the Board.

During 2022, the APG received $1,770 in dues from Members, and raised a total of $44,954 through the sale of painted figures and kits.  The following major donations were made by the APG during the year:

$20,304 to the Museum of the American Revolution

$13,500 to the American Battlefield Trust

$5,511 to the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation

$7,500 to the Museum of the Sons of the American Revolution

Although these projects have been reported in more detail on the APG Blog and Facebook page, I would highlight the $20,304 gift to the Museum of the American Revolution.  Our donation funded the purchase of a saber that had been used by a Continental cavalryman during the Revolutionary War.  This piece had previously been on loan to the Museum, but was being offered for sale.  The APG’s gift permitted the Museum to retain this valuable artifact and make it a permanent part of their collection.  It is currently on display in the Museum’s exhibit regarding the Battle of Cowpens.

In connection with that gift, the Museum invited the APG to present an Exhibition of Painted Miniatures at the Museum, over the weekend of June 17-19.  Several members of the APG participated in this exhibition, and displayed their figures or collections of figures representing subjects from the American Revolution, and French & Indian War.  By all accounts, the weekend’s exhibition was viewed as a significant success for the Museum and favorably received by the visiting public.  This event was clearly the highlight of 2022 for APG, and marked a new venture that further raised our profile.

Following the success of that exhibition in 2022, the APG has been invited to hold a similar exhibition at the Gettysburg Battlefield National Military Park Visitors Center, the weekend of August 17-18, 2023.  The focus of this exhibition will be the American Civil War, and all APG members are encouraged to participate.  Details regarding this event can be found on the APG Blog and Facebook page.  The APG Board is currently considering  options concerning a donation to fund a project for the Museum at the Gettysburg Visitors Center.  More details to come regarding that matter. *

In conclusion, the APG needs the ongoing support of all members if we are to continue our mission.  Please spread the word to your friends who are not currently members, and encourage them to join.  Also, the Board will be filling the seat vacated by Jon Harbuck in the coming months.  If you have an interest in serving on the APG Board, please contact Kurt Hollar at krhollar55@gmail.com, or Mike Stelzel at usmcmks@gmail.com, to express your interest. 

Thank you for your support.

*Since this was written, the APG Board has approved funding the colors of the 2nd NC now in the possession of the Gettysburg National Military Park.

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