And the Winners Are…

FeR Washington


Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 APG Membership Raffle. I’ll start mailing the prizes next week. If your name is listed here please email me at and provide your mailing address to ensure we have it correct.

As always, thanks to our new and old members for your support and to those that contributed the prizes.

Here is the list.
$100 gift certificate to The Last Cavalry.                          Bob Stein
Courtesy of the Atlanta Model Figure Society
USMC M79 Gunner (bust)                                                    Dan Kornegy
Courtesy of S&K Miniatures.
Colonel Joshua Chamberlain. w/flag                                 Charles Wilkins
7th Kentucky Inf. Standard Bearer.                                   Tim Norman
Courtesy of FeR Miniatures.
George Valley Forge 1778 (FeR)                                           Richard Rock
Radigundus (bust) (FeR)                                                        Darren Tice
General Kleber (bust) (Alexandro Models)                        Stugis Payne
Courtesy of El Greco Miniatures
German Stormtrooper Sturm-Btl Nr 5 1916 (Jon Smith)        Nick Majerus
Courtesy of Kurt Kurt R. Hollar
German Waffen SS Officer 1944 (1/9 bust)                        Mark Sprayberry
Courtesy of The Last Cavalry.
Mississippi Vol 1836 Siege of Bexar                                         Bud Jones
Courtesy of Scale 75 (Brian Howard)
M103A1 Heavy Tank (Dragoon)                                               Brad Pruden
Courtesy of Hobbytown USA
Russell Crowe Gladiator (bust)                                                 Robert Nakumura
Courtesy of Mitches Models.
43rd Regt of Foot American War of Independence (print)                         Mark Groth
Courtesy of Jeff Trexler.

Brother in Arms Semper Fidelis                                              Mike Pierce

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