Welcome New Board Member, Mark Sprayberry.


Due to the vacancy created by Bob Stein, opting not to stand again for a position on the APG board,  we set out to find a replacement. After accepting nominations, the board, according to our by-laws, voted unanimously to approve Mark Sprayberry as our newest board member.

Mark Sprayberry, is a retired Army helicopter mechanic/flight engineer with a bit over 20 years of service and from Savannah, GA. Married for 14 years to his awesome wife Deena they have a combined family of 4 children, 1 grandchild and 2 grandchildren on the way. Mark is highly interested in American history and loves the idea of preserving history for future generations.
Mark started modeling aircraft at about the great age of 7 and became interested in painting figures in 2012. He’s currently a member of the APG and the Atlanta Military Figures Society. Painting figures has become his main passion and he strives to become a master painter one day. Mark believes painting figures is a way of being able to tell a story and teach about American and World history. He’s won awards for his miniature work and painted commission pieces for collectors.
Mark currently lives in Panama City Beach, Florida with his wife, enjoying the Beach Life, while continuing to paint figures, of all eras, attending various Figure and IPMS shows and spending time with his wonderful family and grandchildren on the beach.

Congratulations  Mark.  Welcome aboard. We are happy to have you with us and are looking forward to working with you.

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