Creating an 1812 Ohio Militiaman

For sometime now I’ve been fascinated by the Don Troiani painting of an 1812 Ohio Militiaman I found on his site. I always wanted a print of this but there weren’t any done. After WBritians formed a partnership with Troiani they started making more and more of his work available. At last I was able to obtain one and it now hangs in my den/work area . My dream was to always have this image done as a miniature to be made available to the public. Because of the copyright issue this wasn’t going to happen. The copyright wasn’t available, as it belonged to WBritains, and if it was, I doubted I could afford it.

So about a year or so ago I started to do a one off in 120mm. Although not an exact replica it was close enough for me to capture the feeling of the image. The one depicted here is not finished but will be very soon.


More to follow. My dream becomes a reality.

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