Creating an 1812 Ohio Militiaman Pt II

My dream came alive again just recently when I was discussing some APG business with a couple friends. I mentioned that we needed a new kit for the store. A few ideas came to mind as well as names of possible sculptors that might donate their time and effort to do something for us. Several thought the 1812 Ohio guy would be a great choice but we would still permission and I didn’t think it would ever happen.

It seems like I’ve know Noel Walker a very long time. He’s a miniature enthusiast and we would occasionally talk or exchange messages. A couple years ago Noel and I starting exchanging messages about Troiani’s work. It turned out he was a huge fan, collector, and friend of Mr Troiani and his work. As a matter of fact Noel hooked me up with a DT print that I’d been looking to own since it came out in 1983. (Noel also donated an original DT painting to the APG.) Since then we’ve exchanged dozens of messages about DT’s work and the hobby. When I mentioned the 1812 guy Noel liked it asked if he could help. Why not? I had already approached Ken Osen at WBritians and was awaiting a reply. In the mean time Noel was willing to ask Don and after a few weeks we got our answer. Because we were a charity, both partners where in agreement. Last week Don emailed me to give me the good news. We could go ahead with the project.

I’m going to start on the figure in a day or 2. I’d like to chronicle it on our blog. Hopefully I can get some good photos of the progress. Stay tuned.

Next Part III Building the armature.

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