APG “Seals the Deal” for the Purchase of Williamsburg, Virginia Civil War Battlefield Property

The Board of Directors recently approved a donation of $12,500 to the American Battlefield Trust for the purchase of 29 key acres of battlefield property in Williamsburg, VA. The property was the scene of a major Confederate attack on May 5th 1862, under General Longstreet, against Federal troops of Heintzelmans III Corps, under George B McCellan. The campaign was an early part of McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign to try and take Richmond.

Property in that area is expensive and at a premium. Almost all property there has some historical significance from Colonial times up to and through Civil War. So securing for these acres for preservation was important. It also adds to other properties in that area secured for preservation by the Trust and other agencies.


The total coast of the property was over $2.7 million. The Trust secured matching funds from various other agencies to make a $220 to $1 match. Our donation in fact sealed the entire deal. Not bad.

For more info on the battle and property please visit this link https://www.battlefields.org/learn/civil-war/battles/williamsburg

As always, thanks for your support.

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