August News From the APG

Let me start out by apologizing for being absent from the site for the past few months. The effects of the Pandemic, the civil unrest, and move my across town has kept me preoccupied.

Now for some updates. In previous posts I spoke about a project we had working that would be my creation of a 75mm 1812 Militiaman for the APG. Since then we have had a change of plans and have switched gears. We are now working on the creation of something different, very beneficial to the APG, and quite frankly a no brainer for us.

While speaking to our good friend Brian Howard co-owner of Scale 75 USA the subject came up of possibly getting one of his sculptors to do something for us in the future. After a few conversations with Brian the topic morphed into what is a very generous offer and a first for us. Simply put, Brian jumped “all in” offering to have Scale 75 USA produce a figure for us. Drawing, printing, and casting, all at no cost to the APG. Needless to say I was more than happy with what is a very generous offer.

For a couple reasons we had to chose a different subject. With permission from Bill Horan who created the piece we opted for this one.

The figure is a representation of a soldier from the French Agénois Infantry Regiment in 1780. Of course with some research it could be painted as any of a number of French units. The master will be computer drawn then printed, and cast in 75mm by Scale 75. Delivery date is not known at this point but will be in time for the show in Feb and probably much sooner.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project. Brian has gone all out on this and I know will deliver an outstanding product for our fundraising efforts. Thank you Brian and thank you Scale 75.

More updates will follow.

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