APG Pitches in to Help Preserve More Land and Burial Site at Antietam Battlefield.

Last week I attended a Zoom meeting with the American Battlefield Trust. (ABT) The focus of the meeting was on property at the Antietam Battlefield that was for sale and available to the ABT.

The property lies just west of the Dunker Church and is relevant for many reasons. Check out Gary Adelman’s video for more on that. https://www.battlefields.org/give/save-battlefields/preserve-west-woods-antietam?ms=facebook&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PaidSocial&utm_campaign=AntietamWestWoodsVideo&fbclid=IwAR3wTcU9B8SpU9clI-UO6Em0j3lcWBPqmxBVwmJWbuIX0DLuOGn5-mkVyfI

And in addition to that, according to the Elliott Burial Map, it is the location of the burials of Confederate Soldiers. Most people that know me know that the burial locations, of any soldier, is something dear to my heart. I wish we could protect all of sites of soldiers who died far from home. Saving this from becoming the site of a McMansion on of one of Americas most significant battlefields is important.

In an effort to help fund this, I’ve started a Go Fund Me page on FB. https://www.facebook.com/donate/751068792350404/10160605338119062/ In addition, donations can be submitted directly to the APG by Paypal to infomikeapg@aol.com or check to APG 1743 Millbridge Rd Salem, VA 24153. (yes, we’ve moved) Money raised between now and 15 Sept will be matched, up to $5000, by the APG and donated to the ABT for this property,

Any amount will help and remember this is a 2 for one so you are doubling your money.

Thanks for your support.


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