APG/Scale 75 French Infantryman 1779

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Yesterday morning I had a very pleasant surprise in the form of a text from friend Brian Howard at Scale75USA. The figure they created for the APG is now ready to take preorders.

The piece is a 75mm rendition of a Frenchman from the Agenois Regt 1779.Created and produced by Scale75 USA exclusively for the APG this LIMITED EDITION ,75mm figure, is a beauty. Only 100 kits are being produced for the APG. The piece was inspired by an original Bill Horan creation and with his consent. It comes complete with assembly and painting instructions for this Regt. however, with a bit of research this figure could be finished in the colors of any number of units. Box art was masterfully painted by Julio Cabos.

THIS IS A PREORDER. Kits will be delivered mid Feb 2021 in time for the Atlanta Show (fingers crossed). If you opt to pick up your order at the show, your postage will be refunded. APG member discount will be refunded on receipt of the order.

A huge thanks goes out to Brian Howard and Scale 75USA for this very generous donation and support of the APG Scale75USA.com

To order go to https://artistpreservationgroup.com/store/Kits-c71259697Get them while you can.

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  1. Ohhh…mid February. Clearly, I didn’t read the whole text of the offering. Sorry for bugging you, Mike. Hopefully I wasn’t too d**kish.
    Cheers, and as always Thank You.
    John B

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