Happy New Year!

I hope this finds all of you well and in good spirits.

Attached is the letter we will be sending to current and some past members announcing our 2021 Membership Drive. Despite the virus and much political unrest, 2020 was good to us. In turn we were able to make donations to many institutions supporting historical preservation. I am in hopes and that we can continue the success we’ve had this past year and years prior.

Please take a minute to read the letter and renew your membership. If you are not a member please consider getting on board with us. You can find the application at Membership – Artist Preservation https://artistpreservationgroup.com/membership/

Best wishes,


Artist Preservation Group Inc

PO Box 2086

Salem, Virginia 24153

Dear Members, Patrons, and Friends,

Another year has nearly passed, one that most of us want to forget. Despite all difficulties, however, the Artist Preservation Group was able to contribute to some significant preservation causes. I am writing to ask that you continue to help, to stay the course by renewing your membership; and if you are not currently a member, I hope you will join us now.

Last year the miniature community was able to gather for only one show.  Yet the APG continued to maintain its momentum from prior years. Our donations for artifacts at the South Carolina Relic Room and the National Park Service for uniform-type articles totaled $14,331.00.  Smaller artifact donations went to Fort Ticonderoga and several other preservation organizations, bringing our 2020 total for all artifact contributions to $15,881.00.  For land preservation we donated $31,365, most of which went to the American Battlefield Trust and the remainder to the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Trust.  Altogether, the APG’s 2020 contributions came to $47,246.  Thus, in a year when government had all it could handle and most non-profits were stretched to the limit, our organization made a major contribution.

Our Board has been exploring new methods of fund raising for next year and beyond. One will be to host a history weekend at the Antietam National Battlefield in mid-2021 (more on which a little later).  We also have had some success with online fundraising and will be looking into more of that in the future.  But memberships and direct donations continue to be a huge part of financing our projects, and all of you are critical to that.  So, please:  we need you in 2021, please join or renew. Of course, we will be holding another raffle for everyone that renews or joins between now and Feb 28, 2021. Prized will be listed on our blog as they became available. We are also asking that when you renew please fill out and submit the form for membership so that we have your most current contact information.

Finally, I have some Board news to announce to the membership at large.  Tom Holtz has taken the position as Treasurer after the resignation of Jack Muldoon. Dave Peschke, our Board Secretary  has tendered his resignation effective February 2021 (our annual Board Meeting).   This means that a Board vacancy needs filling – the one year remaining on Dave’s current term and additional terms going forward.  Also note that Rod Curtis’s current three-year term will end at the February Board Meeting.  Rod has expressed his intention to stand for another term, but we want to make everyone aware of the upcoming election.  Any member in good standing interested in being considered as a successor to Dave or a replacement for Rod, may contact me at usmcmks@gmail.com, or Board Chairman Jon Harbuck at jsharbuck@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support in years past, and for your anticipated support for 2021 and the years to come.  Now more than ever, the APG has a vital role to play.

Warmest regards,

Mike Stelzel

January, 2021

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