Back to Gettysburg.

Last week, just prior to the MMSI Show, we were notified by Greg Goodell that the National Park Service (NPS) and the Gettysburg Foundation (GF) have agreed to our proposal for an exhibit next August 2023. The exhibit will be held at the Visitor Center and mirror what we did in Philadelphia this past June. We have also scheduled another painting class by Julio Cabos and Scale 75. The dates for these events are 17 and 18 Aug for the class followed on 19 and 20 Aug for the exhibit,

The theme for the exhibit will be the American Civil War. Space will again be limited so we will need all participants to preregister to manage what we have. More info on that in the future.

Cost , number of seats, and registration for the painting class will be available in the future. The venue for the class will again be the Visitors Center. I can also announce that the figure being used in the class will be another piece created by Scale 75 exclusively for the APG. It will be a Berdan’s Sharpshooter in 75mm based on the Bill Horan piece below.

More to follow.

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