Member Report: 2016 MFCA/APG Show and Tour

by Mike Stelzel on 06/10/16

by Matt Wellhouser

On May 19-21 we attended the Military Figure Collectors of America and the Artists Preservation Group’s show.  Usually a miniature figure and toy soldier show held in King of Prussia Pennsylvania, this year the APG combined their efforts with MFCA to host a dual show.  The Show was held at the Valley Forge Casino Resort.   Every year the event attracts many modelers, collectors and folks that just enjoy historical/military figures and toy soldiers.

With APG combining their biannual show, it was an opportunity for them to host a battlefield tour which was held on May 19 and was an all-day event.  They covered Washington’s retreat and advances through western Pennsylvania and Eastern New Jersey.  It was led by a very knowledgeable military historian and the tour was well worth the trip.


In addition, Valley Forge National Park is right next door to the show venue and was a great side trip to see that historical place.


The historical miniature show was something to be seen.  The lower portion of the casino property was chocked full of vendors- with everything you could need- even beer!   Vendors were selling kits, books, tools, magazines, toy soldiers and related items.  Keith Rocco had a vendor area selling prints and original artwork.  Truly a collectors and hobbyist’s dream!

Adjacent to the vendor area was the display for figures, vignette, models and art to be displayed.  Some pieces were entered into the completion and some were just there to enjoy.  Artists attended from all over the world- USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland to name a few.

Many of the participants are APG members.  The APG sponsored several awards and held a fund raising raffle.  (see expanded report below)


The entries shown were absolutely stunning.  The subject matter ran through the ages, including the very popular fantasy category.  As many modelers/artists explore the web to see everyone’s work, it sure makes a difference to see it in person.  There were many standout pieces.  To me the notable entries were Ernesto Reyes collection of busts, Doug Cohen’s Chamberlain, the collection of woodland Indians by Marion and Alan Ball; and Stephen Malia’s “ The Oath of the Horatii ” vignette.  Steve also was awarded MFCA Grand Master at the show as well.  Well deserved.  There were so many pieces that were displayed by APG members.  All were high quality and many members were presented with medals to take home.  APG displays that caught many people’s attention included Penny Meyers flats, John Jeffries and Jack Muldoon’s work, Rod Curtis had entries in the open and painters divisions, Doug Cohen, Mike Stelzel has some of his collection from other artists, Pete Culos, John Harbuck had a very well done WW1 display as well.  I am sure I missed a few, but the tables were full of outstanding APG work.

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