Membership Drive is Underway.

Ellwood. Site of the 5th Corps Headquarters and hospital during the Battle of the Wilderness.

On January 1 we started our annual Membership Drive and Raffle. As always, I am asking again for your support. We’ve managed some pretty great things this past year especially considering the lack of shows and turmoil going on in the country. There is no doubt that we can continue to fund projects at the same level we have in this upcoming year, but we need your support. Please consider renewing or joining. Everyone is welcome. You don’t need to be an artist. If you care about preserving our history, you qualify. And of course we again have some really nice raffle prizes donated by supporters of our mission.

To get on board or remain a member go to to. /

Here is the list so far. More to follow.

1) A custom sculpt by Matt Springer

2) Young Miniatures 1/10the scale bust of Roman Legionarius 1st Cent AD

3) Scale 75 75mm Lee’s Miserables

4) Art Girona 54mm Continental Marine 1779

5) Maurice Corry Miniatures 120mm 505th PIR US 82nd AB 1944

6) Jeffshiu’s 1/16 (120mm) German Stalingrad (part IV)

7) Alpine 1/16 scale German Headsets # 3 and #4. 4 heads ea.

Thank you and best wishes.


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