Get on Board!!!

A reminder. Just a under 10 days to sign up or renew your membership with the Artist Preservation Group Inc to be eligable for the raffle. We’ve got a great list of prizes.

A custom sculpt by Matt Springer (rules apply)

Jeff Shiu’s 120mm German 6th Army Stalingrad

Maurice Corry’s 120mm 505th AIR 82nd AB 1944

APG 75mm French Infantryman Agenios Regt 1779

Young Miniatures 1/10 scale bust of a US Paratrooper 82nd AB 1944

Scale75 75mm Lee’s Miserables

Art Girona 54mm Union Officer 1863Art Girona 54mm Coninental Marine 1779

Alpine 1/16 scale German head sets #’s H6003 amd H6004

Pegaso bust of a US Football player.

Fort Ticonderoga Baseball Cap

Friends of the Wilderness Baseball Cap

American Battlefield Trust Map Book Eastern Theatre

American Battlefield Trust Map Book Western Theatre

Pegaso 200mm bust “Bounty Killer”

Andrea 54mm Davy Crockett.

To complete your renewal or sign up go to.

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