APG Enters Formal Agreement with Gettysburg NMP

In April 2021, the Artist Preservation Group signed a contract with the Gettysburg National Military Park, a subdivision of the Interior Department’s National Park Service, to cooperate on conservation projects over the next five years.  APG has worked with the Gettysburg NMP and other parks in the past, but this represents the first time our work will be formally structured.  
Under the terms of the “General Agreement for Limited Philanthropic Activities,” the APG and the Park Service will jointly identify artifacts in NPS custody needing restoration for public display, and APG will fund such projects.  APG will retain the right to select which items to support, and the Park Service has pre-approved up to $13,000 per year of APG projects without the need for Gettysburg NMP to seek higher approval.
The Agreement was negotiated between Gettysburg’s Greg Goodell and APG’s Mike Stelzel, with Chairman Jon Harbuck signing on behalf of our Group.  While a formal agreement does nothing to change APG’s ongoing conservation procedures,  contractual recognition by the Park Service of APG’s support represents a significant elevation of our visibility in the conservation world.

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