Fletcher B. Clement III, 1943-2021

The APG notes with sadness the passing of Fletcher Clement — a titan in the figure community — at his home in Little Rock, Arkansas.Fletcher has been accurately described as the consummate artist, gentleman, and warrior.  He served in Vietnam as a member of the US Army Special Forces (“Green Berets”), he made a name for himself as a horse breeder, and he broke the mold as a sculptor and painter.  Well read and broadly knowledgeable, Fletcher combined his many interests into startling works of art: history, literature, motion pictures, music, and popular culture combined in unique ways.Among his many awards and recognitions, Fletcher was an MFCA Grand Master, a Chicago Medalist, and was named a World Master at the 2017 World Expo.  A mentor to many and a friend and inspiration to all, he will be sorely missed.  Requiescat in pace.

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