Artist Preservation Group to Sponsor Exhibit at the Museum of the American Revolution.

Last January I was approached by our friend Dr. R. Scott Stephenson, President and Chief Executive Officer at The Museum of the American Revolution (MoAR) to discuss the APG’s possible involvement at the MoAR. As some of you may remember Scott arranged a small tour for us years ago at the Museums storage facility and we got to view many of the items that are now in the museum. Scott has also attended several MCFA Shows and promoted the MoAR from our table. Since those early days we’ve spoken occasionally about getting the APG and the miniature community involved at the museum. When he called and posed the question again I immediately suggested a show or exhibit at the museum. Scott wholeheartedly agreed and after a few more discussions with Scott and his staff we committed to an event on June 18 & 19, 2022 at the museum. The event will coincide with a year long exhibit of original work by Don Troiani.

Although really more of an exhibition, this event will also be very much like a show. We will have at least twelve special awards and due to space limitations just few vendors. Our goal is to have a minimum of 300 pieces on display focusing on the American Revolution. However, there is a very good chance we will open it up to American History as we determine space availability. The mission of this event is to display our interpretation of our history through the art of miniatures and give more exposure hobby to the public. And what better place to do than one of the premiere museums in the country, if not the world.

Everyone is invited to attend and exhibit. There will be no charge to display your work ( but donations will be gladly accepted). Because of management issues we are requiring everyone to pre-register their work. Each registered exhibitor will be provided with a tent card that we will prepare with your name and home town. You will also be provided a designated space to display your work. More info on that will follow in future months. (Because of the venue, we must also reserve the right to deny display of anything not appropriate or desirable for the event.)

The museum has also agreed to host a painting class by Julio Cabos courtesy of Scale 75. The class will take place at the museum on Thursday and Friday June 16, and 17, 2022. There will be a fee for the class. Scale 75 will be managing the class and we will post more info in the future.

Finally. the APG will use this event to raise funds for the museum, We are planning a special relief by Gary Dombrowski (an Oneida Indian), another limited edition figure, ( a 75mm Officer of the Light Infantry Company of the 10th Foot by Scale 75), and an auction of figures donated to the APG by some of our most renowned miniaturists.

I hope to draw as many people as possible to participate in the exhibit and/or as a spectator.

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More to follow.

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